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Reporting directly to the Sheriff, the Public Information Officer (PIO) serves as the liaison between the Newton County Sheriff's Office, the community and members of the news media. The PIO is responsible for providing accurate and timely information, as appropriate and in accordance with Georgia law, the news media (print and broadcast) and public.

The PIO is responsible for media inquiries, distributing the press releases and public service announcements, and serving as the Sheriff's Office representative at local events and meetings. Additionally, The PIO works closely with the Webmaster to design and publish the agency's monthly newsletter, as well as maintain all social media accounts.

The PIO performs other duties that may be assigned to support the mission of the Office of the Sheriff.


PIO Caitlin Jett
Commuinication Officer

Jail Log
Posted: Mar 02, 2022

Conyers man, 18, charged in Newton County Shooting
Posted: Feb 28, 2022

Chief Fears Drive By Shootings on The Rise
Posted: Feb 18, 2022

BOLO: Theft By Taking
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BOLO: Criminal Tresspass
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Discharging Firearms Code
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