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» Message from the Sheriff

The goal of Newton County Sheriff’s Office is “to be recognized as a professional organization that values, respects, and honors the rights and dignity of each person we are called upon to serve. Through collaborative efforts, we are committed to improving the quality of life in our community.”

On the night of November 4, 2008, the Newton County citizens elected Ezell Brown as their Sheriff for the Newton County Sheriff’s Office. On that historic evening, Brown responded to the citizens by saying, "I feel great. I feel like the citizens did the right thing. We made a lot of promises to the citizens of Newton County and I plan on making them come true."

Sheriff Brown took office in January 2009. In less than 8 months, he moved forward quickly to implement several programs to improve the functions of the Sheriff’s Office and improve the quality of  life in Newton County.

Sheriff Brown’s accomplishments include:
  • Revitalized the Neighborhood Watch Program
  • Implemented a Crime Watch Program (Goal is to have every community participating)
  • Created an Internal Affairs Division
  • Created an Office of Professional Standards Division (Policies and Standard Operating Procedures)
  • Created a Community Outreach Liaison
  • Initiated the C.H.A.M.P.S Program (Choosing Healthy Activities and Methods while Promoting Safety) C.H.A.M.P.S is a sequel to DARE
  • Created a Drug Suppression Unit (focus on criminal acts)
  • Created a Fleet Watch Program (business involvement in fighting crime, observation) 2010 
  • Created a Crime Suppression Unit
  • Expanded the Crime Scene Investigation Unit (focus on crime trends within the county)
  • Implemented 12 Hours Shifts (increase the number of deputies on the road)
  • Created a Fatherhood Program
  • Awarded Grant funds of over $1,901,758
  • Purchased an additional K-9 dog (human tracking)
  • Purchased an additional motorcycle for the traffic unit
  • Developed Crime Analysis tracking (tracking of crime trends)
  • Improved the Sheriff’s Office web-site (user friendly, sex offender tracking, inmate information Crime trends)
  • Cross trained Deputies as Public Information Officers (keeping the public informed)
Sheriff Brown has accomplished this by using his employees’ individual talents and experiences without having to increase his personnel. Having to do more with less, the Newton County Sheriff’s Office will continue to provide the best quality service for its citizens.

Sheriff Brown has embraced his role and commitment to his community and has made tremendous progress.  He has done much to lay the foundation for “improving the quality of life in our community” and has done so in a short period of time.

Sheriff Brown will continue to uphold the mission of the Sheriff’s Office and implement practices, procedures and programs that reflect our ever changing community. We now live in a multi-cultural diversified community which requires planning, training and additional resources to meet this challenge.

Proposed Departmental Goals (2009-2013)

  • To enhance customer service/community relations. (Done)
  • To become part of the American Jail Association.(Done)
  • To establish a specialized criminal investigations division. (Done)
  • To implement a crime analysis/action report. (Done)
  • To broaden community outreach activities. (Done)
  • To become a state certified jail. (Done)
  • To recieve national departmental certification.(Done)


» Accomplishments in 2013
Persons Responsible
To commit resources to long-range planning to address the future needs of the department - services, staffing, facilities, equipment and technology.
Adminstrative Move
May 2013 opening of Westside Precinct
Give Credit
To continually review and update policy and procedures to reflect legal issues and changes as needed.
To perpetuate a sound managerial environment that focuses upon departmental goals: and provides for career development through training, advancement, and for exemplary performance.
Leadership School
To continue automation efforts and the integration of technology designed to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of delivering law enforcement services to the community.
Camera Systems in Jail/CID/SIU
Media Enhancement
To identify criminal activity, pursue and apprehend criminal offenders, and proceed in the prosecution of known offenders.
To maintain a proactive patrol and investigative force that results in reducing opportunities for committing crimes.
COPS Grant
Drug Court
To instill public confidence in the department by maintaining a high degree of professionalism, dedication, and expertise in the delivery of law enforcement services.
» Accomplishments in 2014
Persons Responsible
To achieve National accreditation for the Sheriff's Office through CALEA.
Est. Timeline January 2017
Continue advanced and specialized training opportunities.
To achieve National accreditation for the Detention Center through ACA.
Continued automation efforts and the integration of technology designed to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of delivering law enforcement services to the community by updating camera systems for Detention Division, Special Investigation Unit and Criminal Investigation Division.
Develop a recruitment team comprised of diverse multi-talented employees that will obtain the best qualified candidates for employment.
Develop pursuit review board that meets to review and ensure all pursuits are within policy guidelines.

» NaphCare Works Alongside Newton County Detention Center and Sheriff's Department to Earn NCCHC Accreditation for Healthcare Standards

“On behalf of the Newton County Sheriff’s Office, it gives me great pleasure to acknowledge the receipt of Certification from the National Commission on Correctional Health Care. We are proud to be among law enf...orcement and correctional facilities that support efficient, high quality care for residents,” said Sheriff Brown. “Our organization welcomed the opportunity to enter into a process valuing the overall benefit of total disease management. After a self-evaluation, we engaged in the process of rewriting our policies and procedures and are happy to meet your high standards. We want to thank our health care and detention staff for helping make this certification possible.”


» Newton County Sheriff's Office achieves state recertification

The Newton County Sheriff's Office has received reaccreditation from the Georgia Association of Chiefs of Police. The recertification was presented to Sheriff Ezell Brown by Mark Bender, director of state certification, at the Newton County Board of Commissioners meeting last week. A special plaque was also presented to Sgt. Cortney Morrison for her work as the NCSO state certification manager. Bender said the certification manager is responsible for compiling all documentation and overseeing the arduous process of meeting certification standards.

-Source: newtoncitizen.com


» Congressman Hank Johnson and Sheriff Ezell Brown honor veteran peace officer Jack Simpson

The Newton County Sheriff’s Office is honored to be home to Investigator Jack Simpson! On August 5, 2015, Congressman Hank Johnson joined an impressive group of individuals who have paused to recognize Mr. Simpson for his years of service in law enforcement. Before a crowded room, Sheriff Ezell Brown stood beside him as he was awarded a Congressional Plaque. This plaque was added to a multitude of national and local recognitions. At 91, he is the oldest certified peace officer in the state of Georgia, and is believed to be the oldest active officer in the country. Sheriff Brown told the gathering at the Historic Courthouse that Investigator Simpson continues to be a valuable asset to his office. "Jack is not just sitting behind a desk; he is still solving cases."


» Newton County Sheriff's Office receives perfect scores on national accreditation audit

COVINGTON: After receiving a perfect score during a standards compliance audit, the Newton County Sheriff's Office will be federally accredited by the American Correctional Association. Auditors conducted the audit this week and made the announcement Wednesday during a ceremony at the NCSO. During their visit, the auditors, Cheryl Turner, David Galione, and Jose Martinez, visited and assessed the facility through audits, reviews, hearings and evaluations to ensure the agency was in compliance with nationally established standards. According to a press release from the NCSO, the entire inspection was based upon 383 standards that consisted of 60 mandatory standards that involved life, health, and safety issues. Those had to pass inspection with a score of 100 percent. The 323 non-mandatory standards had to be passed with a score of 80 percent. The NCSO received a score of 100 percent on mandatory standards and a 100 percent on non-mandatory standards and will officially be awarded the accreditation in January at the American Correctional Association (ACA) winter conference. "We have been preparing for this day for almost two years," said Sheriff Ezell Brown. "We initiated this accreditation process because attaining this 'badge of honor' would be another step in achieving our office's ultimate mission. Our goal is to be recognized as a professional organization that values, respects and honors the rights and dignity of each person we are called upon to serve."

-Source: newtoncitizen.com

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