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The Uniform Patrol Division is the largest and most visible function of the Newton County Sheriff's Office. It is the first line of service to the citizens of Newton County. Uniform Patrol is commanded by a Patrol Captain, with the assistance of an administrative Lieutenant. Each shift is supervised by a Lieutenant, Sergeant, and Corporal. The Deputies assigned to this division provide patrol and emergency law enforcement services to Newton County 24 hours a day 365 days a year.

The Uniform Patrol Division patrols and responds to all calls for service within the 276 square miles of Newton County as well as providing law


enforcement services to the cities of Mansfield and Newborn. With the Sheriff's Office providing these cities law enforcement services it allows them to maintain local control and identity while saving significant money, providing their citizens with a larger and more experienced law enforcement agency, with greater resources than small cities could normally afford.

Patrol duties include responding to various criminal and civil complaints, crime prevention, enforcement of traffic laws, and public service assistance. Each unit is outfitted with a Mobile Data Computer (MDC) which enables the Deputies to communicate with other units and dispatch.


They can also run license plates, driver's licenses, articles, and persons through local GCIC and NCIC terminals. The MDC streamlines the dispatch process by allowing Deputies to receive each call for service through the Computer Aided Dispatch system.

The service of our county and its citizens is our top priority. We strive to do this in a respectful and professional manner. Each deputy is empowered, and has the ability, to respond to the problems of our citizens. The deputies are familiar with the areas they patrol so they can respond quickly and notice when things are out of place.


Sheriff Brown established the Reserve Deputy Program in 2011. The program is made up of concerned citizens, who are P.O.S.T. certified Peace Officers, and are willing to donate their time and abilities to serve Newton County. Reserve Deputies are sworn law enforcement officers and are responsible for performing the same duties as full-time deputies. They are required to work at least 8 hours per month and must complete the same training requirements as full-time deputies. Reserve Deputies serve under the Uniform Division and typically provide assistance to Uniform Patrol.


Applications for Reserve Deputy positions are accepted on a continual basis. All applicants must be POST certified. The selection process includes:

  • Complete the Newton County Sheriff's Office Application for Employment
  • Turn in the completed application packet in person to the Uniform Division at the Sheriff's Office
  • Comprehensive background investigation
  • Computer voice stress analysis
  • Psychological Exam (upon conditional offer)
  • Medical Exam, drug screen (upon conditional offer)

If you have any questions regarding the Reserve Deputy Program, please contact the Sheriff's Office at (678) 625-1400.


The primary goal of the Traffic Unit is to reduce the number and severity of traffic accidents and traffic safety violations within Newton County. The Traffic Unit encourages voluntary compliance with traffic laws through public education and selective traffic enforcement.

In addition to the enforcement of traffic laws, the Traffic Unit is responsible for investigating serious motor vehicle accidents and hit and run accidents.


The Traffic Unit also utilizes Harley Davidson motorcycles to assist with selective traffic enforcement and the Sheriff's Community Outreach Program. Deputies assigned to the Traffic Unit generally receive specialized training in traffic law, motorcycle operation, speed detection devices, DUI detection, and accident investigations.

If you have any traffic complaints in your area please utilize the traffic complaint form on this webpage or contact the Sheriff's Office Traffic Unit


at (678) 625-1469. Every complaint will be carefully reviewed and assigned out based on priority.

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» K-9 UNIT

The Newton County Sheriff's Office K-9 Unit currently consists of four K-9 dogs. Each K-9 and their handler receive extensive specialized training in each area of service that they perform.

During his first term in office, Sheriff Brown quickly recognized the benefit that law enforcement K-9's provide to our community. As such, he has expanded the existing K-9 program by adding three Bloodhounds.


These K-9s are highly effective in locating lost or missing persons, such as small children and Alzheimer's patients, as well as locating fleeing suspects and escapees. Our Bloodhound's names are Elvis and Jiggs.

In addition to our Bloodhounds, the Sheriff's Office deploys a Belgian Malinois named Chobe, and a German Shepherd named Sam, who is assigned to the Crime Suppression Unit. Chobe is the senior K-9 at the Sheriff's Office. She is trained in narcotics detection, and is assigned to the School Resource Unit.


Our K-9 handlers take their assigned dog home at the end of their shift, and the dog becomes a part of the family. In addition to scheduled shifts, our K-9 teams are on-call 24 hours a day and respond regularly to assist not only the Newton County Sheriff's Office, but neighbouring agencies.


The Sheriff's Office provides a Marine Patrol during peak times of the boating season on Lake Jackson, which borders the south side of Newton County. This patrol of Lake Jackson is a joint effort
to ensure boater safety and is a partnership with Jasper County, Butts County, and the State Department Resources.


The Sheriff's Office currently utilizes one
jet boat, two jet skis, and a flat bottom river boat to patrol the waterways in Newton County. Each watercraft is
manned by certified deputies who have completed extensive training in Georgia boating laws and boater safety.

The Marine Patrol is able to respond to calls for service, assist stranded boaters, and ensure boater safety by enforcing Georgia's DUI laws on the waterways of Newton County.



The Civil Unit is responsible for serving civil process papers received from the Courts of Newton County, as well as other jurisdictions. In addition to process service, the Civil Unit executes court orders including Temporary Protective Orders, Evictions, Writs of Possession to seize personal property, and Probate Orders to apprehend and collect on judgments issued by the courts. The Civil Unit also seizes and auctions both personal and real property when a defendant fails to voluntarily pay a judgment.

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