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Citizens Firearm Safety Course
NCSO Training Room

August 13, 2016
8:00am - 4:00pm
Critical Tasks Part 1
NCSO Training Room

May 31, 2016
8:00am - 5:00pm
Critical Tasks Part 2
NCSO Training Room

June 1, 2016
8:00am - 5:00pm
  Sheriff Brown photoPinkie Promise Vow Initiative at Alcovy High School

Newton County Sheriff’s Office hosted its first Pinkie Promise Vow Initiative on April 12, 2016 at Alcovy High School. The initiative targets High School students to deter them from drinking and distractive driving. The objective is to educate and encourage teens and young adults to drive responsibly. With prom just around the corner NCSO wanted to make sure teen drivers celebrate safely. NCSO issued white ribbon bows to Alcovy students to place on their pinkie finger as a vow they will not drink and drive or drive distracted on prom night or any other night. The Pinkie Promise Vow is an effort to educate and bring awareness about the hazards of underage drinking and driving. The event agenda included a true story from guest speaker McKinzie Crowe, preview of NCSO’s self-produced drinking and distracted driving PSA, safety driving Q&A and student signed pledges. Pinkie Promise Vow organizers include, business owner Matt Crowe, Sheriff Ezell Brown, Capt. Sammy Banks, Brandy Burch, Derrick Barnes, Deputy Patrick Gilbert, Deputy Kim Cox, Deputy Susan Young and Haley Giles. Over 300 students pledged to become safe drivers.

NCSO Presents Internet Safety Forum

Today, there are over three billion internet users accessing web. This allows information to travel faster and further than we could imagine. Teenagers are among the top group utilizing the internet and teaching them how to be responsible internet user has become a priority of Newton County teachers and NCSO. On April 13, 2015 NCSO deputies held an impromptu internet safety forum @ Covington Academy. Deputies cautioned middle and high school students about the hazards of sexting, and divulging personal information on social media sites and mobile devises. So many teenagers are unware of internet precautions and unlawful acts they may be committing by sending inappropriate photos of themselves or others. This behavior has become an epidemic; therefore, Newton County teachers and NCSO partnered to educate students on how to stay impervious to predators.

Neighborhood Watch Rally

Newton County is a wonderful place, filled with great people and beautiful neighborhoods. But just as any other County, we have neighborhoods whom experience higher levels of criminal activity. On April 16, 2016, Gum Tree, Plum Orchard, Salem Glenn and Salem Terrace Communities organized an event to help take back their community. NCSO Deputies instructed citizens how to stay safe and keep their communities safeguarded.

Leadership Conference Jail Tour

Sheriff Ezell Brown invited the 2016 Newton Leadership group to tour the jail on April 21, 2016. NCSO is a full service agency with a number of subdivisions working to make Newton County a safe place to live. Annually, the leadership receives the opportunity to see the entire operation of NCSO. This year they also played a part in SWAT training by serving as the hostages in a mock hostage situation.

Reality Wreck

Newton County Sheriff’s Office’s Office conducted its annual reality wreck at Newton High school on April 26, 2016. Deputy Patrick Gilbert along with representatives from Piedmont Newton EMS, Newton County Fire Department, Newton Coroner’s Office, Newton Public Works and Newton EMA, Airlife work together each year to simulate a mock car accident scene to high school students in an effort to educate on the consequences of drinking and driving. The scene visually shows what happens on site when a person drives impaired and what it takes to attempt to save their lives. Reality Wreck is conducted at all 3 Newton County high schools.

COPS Grant monitoring site visit

On April 28, 2016 Glenwood Williams a representative from the Bureau of Justice (BJA), Community Oriented Policing Services (COPS) conducted a grant monitoring site visit at NCSO. NCSO was award a COPS grant for more than $900,000.00 in year 2012. The site visit was to ensure the grant funds and program was meeting the prerequisites set forth at the time the grant was awarded.  During the visit Mr. Williams reviewed the grant financials, programmatic work accomplished in the community and met with the neighborhood watch groups, local businesses and stakeholders. During the exit interview Mr. Williams stated NCSO site visit, by far was the best he had ever conducted within his six years of service. He was impressed and extremely amazed of the community involvement of NCSO. Since the beginning of Sheriff Brown’s term in Office he has been persistent in bridging the gap between law enforcement and the communities of Newton County.

Hornyhead Fish Festival

Newton County Sheriff’s Office participated in the 30th annual Hornyhead Fish Festival & Tournament on April 30, 2016 in Newborn, Georgia at the Old school house. The festival brings together people from across the state to participate in food, music, games, horse rides, exhibits, and the Hornyhead fishing tournament.

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