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Citizens Firearm Safety Course
NCSO Training Room

March 19, 2016
8:00am - 4:00pm
Critical Tasks Part 1
NCSO Training Room

April 11, 2016
8:00am - 5:00pm
Critical Tasks Part 2
NCSO Training Room

April 12, 2016
8:00am - 5:00pm
Judgmental Simulator
NCSO Training Room

April 13, 2016
8:00am - 5:00pm
  Sheriff Brown photoSheriff Brown is honored by Congressman Hank Johnson

Sheriff Brown and Freedom Rider Hank Thomas were honored by Congressman Hank Johnson at an assembly honoring pioneers in Black History. The event was held at Newton High School on February 16, 2016. In essence, Sheriff Brown made history in 2009 when he was elected into office serving as the first African-American Sheriff of Newton County. Though he holds this historical title, Sheriff Brown has always distinctively served as a representation on behalf of the people and communities of Newton County as a whole no matter the race, ethnicity, age, gender, background, or economic status. Sheriff Brown's strong ties to the community has contributed to his ability to effectively reach and connect with the citizens of this wonderful County, as well as throughout the state of Georgia and the nation.

Newton County Sheriff’s Office 7th Annual Employee Award Ceremony

Newton County Sheriff’s Office employees were honored at the 7th Annual Employee Award Ceremony Friday, February 19, 2016 for their years of service, commendations and exceptional work and contributions throughout the year. The event was held at Newton County College & Career Academy with a reception and meet and greet starting at 6:00pm and the award ceremony opening with the march of the Honor Guard at 7:00pm.

Several hundred people were in attendance as keynote speaker Attorney General of Georgia Sam Olens spoke on the gallantry and noble cause of choosing the career of a police officer “I understand that each and every day your love ones have to wonder if they are going to see you again because your life is at risk. So, it is so important that we anticipate and appreciate not only what you do but the sacrifices of your family”, states Olens.

The employee award ceremony is one of the programs Sheriff Brown takes great honor in planning each year. “On the 6 o’clock news you will see a thirty second sound bite that goes on and on with hours of negative press as it relates to police officers. Never once will you see the continuation of great work for officers as a repeat story. So therefore, I felt that it was incumbent upon myself to pay tribute and cast a light on the great work of each and every officer here at the Newton County Sheriff’s Office", states Sheriff Brown.

One of the outstanding honorees recognized included Deputy Freda Holloway who received the Meritoriuos Award. Standing only 5 feet tall, Deputy Holloway selflessly saved a man from a burning building after he was knocked unconscious from an explosion.

Sheriff Brown often makes mention that he cannot be who he is today without the men and women that work for NCSO and would like to congratulate the entire NCSO staff who received awards for their service, dedication and acts of heroism.
NCSO P.R.I.D.E classes for Teen Drivers

The Newton County Sheriff’s Office hosted a free driver’s education course sponsored by the Georgia Traffic Injury Prevention Institute at the University of Georgia, P.R.I.D.E.—Parents Reducing Injuries and Driver Error. The class was held Thursday, February 18, 2016 from 6 p.m. to 8 p.m. at the Newton County Sheriff’s Office Training Room.

Sheriff Ezell Brown has voiced concerns of the increased number of traffic related accidents and fatalities among teen drivers, due to texting and cell phone use while driving. The course was designed to help Newton and surrounding Counties’ parents prepare their teens to drive and help reduce traffic related accidents and fatalities. A number of teen drivers and their parents arrived to receive instruction on how to:

  • Help parents and guardians become more aware of their own driving behaviors;
  • Teach parents and guardians how to help their teens become safe drivers;
  • Help parents, guardians and teens learn what they need to do during supervised practice driving time;
Alter attitudes and driving behaviors of novice teen drivers.
NCSO Employees come together for the efforts of Flint

In friendly competition Newton County Sheriff’s Office employees came together to support the water crisis in Flint. NCSO internal divisions competed against each other to collect bottled water to support the efforts of Flint, Michigan. Flint residents are still dealing with issues of contaminated water unfit for residents to drink, cook or bathe in and constituents have yet to develop a solid resolution. With their future lingering in uncertainty NCSO was determine to play a part in an instant solution that many other organizations before us have assisted in doing, “contributing clean water.” It is sad to say you never realize how something as simple as clean water is taken for granted until a crisis this devastating comes along.  NCSO would like to send our prayers, support and best wishes to the communities suffering through this tragedy in Flint..

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