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Jail Operations 1&2      

Aug 10, 2020/ Aug 11, 2020
0800-1700 Jail Ops 1(LEC)
1800-1700 Jail Ops 2(LEC)


Taser/Less Lethal      

Aug 25,2020
0800-1200 (LEC)
1300-1700 (Eastside)
Newton County Law Enforcement Center


Crime Scene Management, Report Writing, Pursuits,Court Room Demeanor        

Aug 26, ,2020
1300-1700 (Newton County Law Enforcement Center)

Laser Shot Machine, Traffic Stops, Search and Seizure, Structure Clearing

Aug 27,2020

0800-1700 EastSide Precinct

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June Newsletter 2020

On March 11, 2020, COVID-19 was declared a pandemic by the World Health Organization. Just as we sprang into March, we were sprung into battle against COVID-19: headfirst and together, as a team. We have continued to shine bright through these dark times and continued to show if we work as “OneNewton,” we will get through this crisis.

The COVID-19 pandemic might not be in every headline as it once was; however, it is important to remember the virus has not yet gone away. Since January 21, 2020, positive cases have been on the rise with Georgia having more than 100,000 positive cases and the United States having more than 3 million cases.

As we continue through these unprecedented times, we urge each and every one of you to wash your hands; stay home when sick; wear a mask or some type of face covering; continue to clean and disinfect your surrounding surfaces; and remain 6 feet away from others. Only you can protect your community, your family, and yourself from COVID-19.

Sheriff Brown attends the swearing in of the Honorable Judge Layla Zon

zon photo

On June 2, 2020, Sheriff Ezell Brown attended the swearing in of the Honorable Layla Zon as Superior Court Judge of the Alcovy Judicial Circuit, by invitation. Gov. Brian Kemp administered the oath to Judge Zon at the State Capitol.
“I am honored to have witnessed the swearing in of Judge Layla Zon to the Newton County Superior Court,” said Sheriff Brown. “Judge Zon made an outstanding impact on Newton County during her time as district attorney, and as she takes the bench, I am certain she will continue to do great things for our community. Judge Zon, I look forward to our continued endeavors together and wish you all the best.”

Sheriff Brown joins Newton County community in peaceful Black Lives Matter demonstration

knee photo

On June 3, 2020, Sheriff Ezell Brown stood in solidarity against police brutality with hundreds of community members and leaders during a peaceful Black Lives Matter demonstration at the Historic Covington Square.

“The constitution is no greater than the person who took the oath that they would uphold the constitution. I am dedicated to the constitution and the laws of this state,” said Sheriff Brown. “I can go on to say that no deputy of mine would ever — I would hope — perpetrate such an incident that happened that has caused this nation to be in an uproar.

"This didn’t just start nine days ago. As I said to someone earlier, this has been going on since biblical days. Keep fighting, keep hope alive so that those who are coming behind you will see the change you made. I see the change that was made by my foreparents and many others.”

The demonstration was organized by Timothy Birt, who applied for a permit on May 31, 2020. The demonstration began at 10 a.m. and promptly ended at 3 p.m., as scheduled.

Sheriff Brown and the Newton County Sheriff’s Office recognize Newton High School graduate in drive-by parade

nhsw photo

On June 6, 2020, Sheriff Ezell Brown and the Newton County Sheriff’s Office recognized Jade Talley, Newton High School graduate, for her academic achievements in a drive-by graduation.

In her next academic journey, Talley plans to attend Berry College in Mount Berry, Georgia, where she will study medicine.

“Congratulations, Jade, on your graduation and best wishes for your next endeavors at Berry College,” said Sheriff Brown. “Thank you for having me at your drive-by graduation. It’s an honor to share in such an important day.”

The drive-by graduation was organized by Talley’s aunt, Sandy Smith.

Sheriff Brown stands in solidarity with protestors against police brutality in second Covington demonstration

squat photo

On June 6, 2020, Sheriff Ezell Brown once again took a formal stand with community members and leaders against police brutality during a peaceful Black Lives Matter demonstration at the Historic Covington Square.

“I am a product of demonstration. If it had not been for those who protested before me, progress would not have been made,” said Sheriff Brown. “Believe me, what you are doing today — as long as you are doing it peacefully — will help change America … I’m the Sheriff of Newton County; I swore to uphold the United States Constitution and the Constitution of Georgia. As long as I am the Sheriff of Newton County, acts of violence — such as those in Minnesota and other places — will not happen here. I encourage my staff to treat others as they want to be treated.”

The demonstration was a group effort, according to Kalene Heilesen, who applied for the permit on June 4, 2020. The demonstration was conducted peacefully and respectfully for all parties involved.

Sheriff Brown teaches 10-year-old not to fear police officers

Egirl photo

On June 9, 2020, Sheriff Ezell Brown helped a 10-year-old girl conquer her fear of law enforcement officers.

Kimmie Cox, Covington resident, privately reached out to Sheriff Brown to request a meeting with her daughter, Briana, who was terrified of law enforcement officers. Cox told Sheriff Brown that her daughter “felt like the police would harm her, not protect her.”

“I do not nor will I ever condone the excessive force used by law enforcement officers in Minnesota and other cities around the country,” said Sheriff Brown. “Very recently, I assured my 12-year-old granddaughter that my deputies and I would never conduct such actions on another individual. Just as I assured my granddaughter, I assured Briana that my deputies and I would never inflict harm or damage on her and her family.”

Sheriff Brown surprised Briana with some goodies, including a C.H.A.M.P.S. mascot stuffed dog, and promoted her to Junior Deputy. The next day, Cox reached back out to inform Sheriff Brown that her daughter would not stop talking about the surprise visit.

NCSO and local organizations assist Newton County Boys & Girls Club in providing necessities to Covington families

BGclub photo

On June 9, 2020, Sheriff Ezell Brown and the Newton County Sheriff’s Office — alongside other local organizations — assisted the Newton County Boys & Girls Club in providing clothing, cleaning items, home décor, children toys, and much more to families residing at the Housing Authority of the City of Covington.

Newton County Boys & Girls Director, Nakita Williams, coordinated the event and with the help of the Sheriff’s Office, Leadership Newton County, and the Rotary Club of Covington, families were able to obtain basic necessities, free of charge.

“I considered it a blessing to be able to assist the families of Newton County. Basic necessities will go a long way in meeting household needs during these challenging times,” said Sheriff Brown. “Thank you, Boys & Girls Club, for the services you have provided for so many years. I look forward to working with you on future endeavors.”

Newton County Sheriff’s Office implements touchless temperature readers

tempature photo

The week of June 14, 2020, the Newton County Sheriff’s Office implemented the Real Time Networks (RTN) Temperature Screening Solution, an advanced thermal imaging technology system, in an effort to minimize the spread of the novel coronavirus.

The RTN Temperature Screening Solution screens for body temperatures 100.4 degrees Fahrenheit or greater and detects if a protective mask is properly being worn; the screening process requires no contact and allows for social distancing in the facility.

Sheriff’s Office employees are not allowed to enter the facility if the system detects body temperatures 100.4 degrees Fahrenheit or greater. The Sheriff’s Office requested employees to wear a protective mask; however, employees are required to practice social distancing at all times.

“The Real Time Networks Temperature Screening Solution will help minimize the spread of the coronavirus as we continue to serve our community,” said Sheriff Brown. “Since March, we have committed to doing everything in our power to keep our staff, inmate residents, and community safe. The non-contact temperature readers are one of the many safeguards we have implemented in our facility to promote safety and health. We will continue to address the concerns presented by the coronavirus because the safety and well-being of our staff, inmate residents, and community are top priority.”

The RTN Temperature Screening Solution was grant funded and placed in the Sheriff’s Office headquarters, Eastside Precinct, and Westside Precinct. Additionally, the system was placed in all buildings where Sheriff’s Office deputies and personnel work.

Sheriff Brown and various community leaders attend remembrance event presented by the Enclave Cross Lake HOA

hoa photo

On June 14, 2020, Sheriff Ezell Brown and numerous community leaders attended the We Remember “I Can’t Breathe” event presented by the Enclave Gross Lake Homeowners Association in Covington. The event honored George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, Ahmaud Aubrey, and Rayshard Brooks.

“I consider myself and my deputies trustees of the community because you have the trust and confidence in us to do the right thing, even when no one is looking. I remind my deputies of that every day,” said Sheriff Brown. “We have reached a point in law enforcement where it’s up to each and every last one of you — including myself and other community leaders — to determine exactly where we go from this day forward. We have to make sure what is happening in other parts of our country will not happen here. We cannot wait until things happen to review our policies, which is why we review our polices on a regular basis.”

Sheriff Brown added, “I can tell each and every last one of you that I am going to do my job, and today I ask you to join forces with me in making sure law enforcement in Newton County does their job. We are committed to serving our community; we are committed to improving the life of all who live here.”

Sheriff Brown participates in annual Juneteenth celebration

square photo

On June 19, 2020, Sheriff Ezell Brown celebrated Juneteenth, a holiday commemorating the freedom of the slaves in the United States, alongside more than 100 community leaders and members at the annual march and demonstration in Covington, Georgia.

The Juneteenth celebration kicked off with a march from New Hope Baptist Church to the Historic Covington Square, where hundreds gathered around to demonstrate against police brutality. Food — including hotdogs, hamburgers, and homemade macaroni and cheese — was provided to the attendees by Jamarious Simpson.

“Once again, our great community has led by example. I’m so proud of our community and the example they are setting for this country,” said Sheriff Brown. “Our community has united. To those fighting, we have shown them that they are not alone in this battle. I swore to uphold the United States Constitution and the Constitution of the State of Georgia. I will support our nation’s right to protest, as long as it remains peaceful.”

Sheriff Brown announces initiative to help children overcome fear of law enforcement officers

cdog photo

On June 24, 2020, Sheriff Ezell Brown announced an initiative to help children in the community overcome their fear of law enforcement officers. The initiative will allow for the child to have an in-person meeting with Sheriff Brown and a Newton County deputy.

In a continued effort to strengthen the trust between law enforcement and the public, Sheriff Brown expressed his intentions to ensure each and every child living in the Newton County community will not fear law enforcement officers as long as he is Sheriff.

“I want our children to trust law enforcement officers and understand we are here to help them, not hurt them,” said Sheriff Brown. “My deputies and I plan to personally meet with any child who is scared of law enforcement so we can help repair the trust that has been broken. I hope this initiative will bring a sense of safety and trust to all children in this community.”

Sheriff Brown and the Newton County Sheriff’s Office recognized nine high school graduates in drive-by graduation

grace photo

On Saturday, June 27, 2020, Sheriff Ezell Brown and the Newton County Sheriff’s Office recognized the academic achievements of nine high school graduates in a drive-by graduation at Grace United Methodist Church in Covington.

Ricki Stroud, Grace UMC member, organized the drive-by graduation to honor the nine members of the church who graduated from high school. The grand marshal of the drive-by graduation was Rev. Dr. Robert Lee Crawford, Sr., of Grace UMC.

The high school graduates recognized in the drive-by graduation were:

  • Tionna Glover
  • Sharlina Ridley
  • Tyjah Tuggle
  • Treyon Smith
  • McKenzy Jordan
  • Ravin Smith
  • Tierra Smith
  • Ansley Benton
  • Quindarius Cobb

    “I applaud each and every one of you on your well-deserved success,” said Sheriff Brown. “I am honored to be here with you and your family as you celebrate this outstanding accomplishment. I wish you all the best in your future endeavors. Congratulations and well done, Class of 2020 graduates.”

Sheriff Brown and the Newton County Sheriff’s Office breaks ground on 10,000 square-foot expansion

gorundbreakin photo

On Tuesday, June 30, 2020, Sheriff Ezell Brown and the Newton County Sheriff’s Office held a groundbreaking for an estimated 10,000 square-foot expansion of the Sheriff’s Office headquarters located at 15151 Alcovy Road in Covington, Georgia.

The Sheriff’s Office currently sits on 145,000 square feet of land; the expansion will add an estimated 7,000 square feet of administrative space and 3,000 square feet of training space. The expansion is being built by Barnsley Construction Group and is expected to be completed within nine months, depending on weather conditions.

The expansion project, budgeted at $2.9 million, will be funded by the 2017 Special Purpose Local Option Sales Tax (SPLOST).

“The Newton County Sheriff’s Office was constructed in 2004 when we had 143 employees and served a county population of about 72,000 people,” said Sheriff Brown. “Today our numbers of employees have exceeded 300 and our county population is a little more than 115,000 people, according to the numbers. I’d be willing to bet you that we have surpassed that since I have last looked at our population count.”

Sheriff Brown added, “This 10,000 square-foot expansion will greatly improve the operations of the Newton County Sheriff’s Office and would not have been possible without the 2017 SPLOST committee and the citizens who voted in favor of the 2017 SPLOST. I thank each and every one of you for your support.”

More than 50 community members, leaders, and NCSO staff attended the groundbreaking event. Those in attendance included Newton County District 3 Commissioner-Elect Alana Sanders; Newton County Chairman Marcello Banes; County Manager Lloyd Kerr; J. Terry Norris, executive director of the Georgia Sheriff’s Association; and Pastor Natalie Faulkner of Allen Memorial United Methodist Church in Oxford, Georgia.


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