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Jail Operations Part 1
April 11, 2019
Newton County Law Enforcement Training Center


Jail Operations Part 2
April 12, 2019
Newton County Law Enforcement Training Center


March 22, 2019
Newton County Law Enforcement Training Center

Less Lethal Training
March 22, 2019
1stAid CPR AED/Narcan
March 23, 2019
Newton County Law Enforcement Training Center
Body Worn Camera
March 24, 2019
Newton County Law Enforcement Training Center
  Sheriff Brown photoSomething to Talk About:

On Friday, February 1, 2019, the Newton County Sheriff’s Office hosted its Tenth Annual Employee Awards Ceremony.  The event was held at the Newton College and Career Academy, located in Covington, Georgia.  The guest speaker for the occasion was State Senator Tonya P. Anderson of the 43rd Senate District of Georgia.

In her address to the more than 200 ceremony attendees, Senator Anderson stated, “Tonight, we came to say, thank you to Sheriff Brown and the Newton County Sheriff’s Office for the great work the deputies do in protecting the citizens and businesses of Newton County.” She went on to say, “you get blamed for a lot, but not thanked enough. Thank you can never come as quickly as we would always like so, thank you. And thank you in advance for what you will continue to do.”

In her closing remarks, Senator Anderson said to the Sheriff’s Office personnel, “I believe that because you have shown us in the past that we can depend on you, your continuous actions will make us proud. Continue to give your best; continue to work hard and smart, demonstrate integrity, maintain the public trust, stay committed, keep the heart of a servant leader and be persistent.”

Afterwards, Sheriff Brown expressed his sincere thanks and appreciation to Senator Anderson for her kindness, words of encouragement and most importantly, the tremendous advice she provided to his deputies. Also, he thanked all the members of the Sheriff’s Office for their commitment and dedication in making the agency one of the best in the nation.

Attendees at this year’s ceremony consisted of a host of state and county elected officials, as well as other guests.

Award Recipients:

Meritorious Award
Captain Sammy Banks
Cpl. Colin Cunningham
Cpl. Jack Redlinger  
Lifesaver Award
Cpl. Jack Redlinger
Investigator Veronica Williams
Deputy Sam Johnson

Humanitarian Award
Investigator Veronica Williams
Sgt. Michael Cunningham

Retirement Recognition
Charles Day
Tim Allen
Darrell Anders

Division Deputy of the Year
S/A Felecia Jefferson – SIU
Deputy David Altwies – Court Services
Quartermaster Keith Brown – Support Services
Deputy Kurt Collins – Patrol
Investigator Clinton French – CID
Sgt. Julie Carter – Detention

Rookie of the Year
Deputy America James

Employee of the Year
Karen Kenney

Deputy of the Year
Deputy Kurt Collins

One Year Employees
Ashley Kelly
John Swiney
Moedjirah Vandelisle
Daniel Boutwell
Christopher Cooley
Crystal Dismuke
Taylor McCart
Deion Paxton
William Holcombe
Denise Tugman
Sherron Curry
Windell Darrington Sr.
Dorothy Floyd
Marlisha Hawkins
Kaleasha Hickman-Green
Diana Luong
Karen Kenney
Taliyah Maddox
Malachi Dave
Patrick Gilbert
John Restivo
Davon Sydnor
Clifford Williams
Tequila Wilson
Wendy Few
Karl Miller


William Childers, IV
Sandra Parker
Kierra Bell
Stephen Huenke
Troy Mason
Jahki Nash
Kayla Ruff
Jathan Nagrodski

Five Year Employees

Derrick Barnes
David Moody
Deighton Waithe
Shakime Ferrer
Alison Grimaldi
Tracy Gunraj
Tremelle Riley
Mark Sanzo
Danielle Hutchison
Donna McNeish
Jonathan Hicks
Cornisha Cody

Ten Year Employees:
Novell Ellis
Christopher Allen
Tyrone Major
Brian Taylor
Stacy Malcom
Wesley Dickerson
Wesley Ramsey
Colin Cunningham
Susan Young
Jocelyn Detweiler
Thomas Gladden
Daniel Underwood
Samuel Johnson
Clinton French

Fifteen Year Employees:                     
Richard Howard
Natasha Henderson
Brandon Esque
James Stevens
Amesia Crafter
Kevin Freeman
Felecia Jefferson
Danny Peppers
Donella Freeman
Susan Gray
Gilbert Jefferson
Brent Morrison
Rena Swann
Michelle Wise
Vincent Loveless

Twenty Year Employees:
David Altwies
George Gardner

Twenty Five Year Employee:
Keith Crum

Forty Year Employee:
Ezell Brown

NCSO Explorers attend the Winterfest National Competition
Explorers photo

The Newton County Explorers Post 2010 attended the 2019 Winterfest National Competition in Gatlinburg Tennessee, February 8-10, 2019.  The Explorers competed against other posts from across the United States and won third place in the Felony Stop Competition.  They scored in the top 10 for Burglary in Progress and DUI Traffic Stop also.

Sheriff Brown and his Outstanding Team are proud of our young adults for their accomplishments in this year’s national competition.
Sheriff Brown attends City of Mansfield meeting
On Monday, February 11, 2019, Sheriff Ezell Brown attended the monthly Council meeting of the City of Mansfield as the guest of Mayor Jefferson Riley. Sheriff Brown briefly addressed the Council, and in his remarks, promised the Mayor that a Sheriff’s Office precinct would be established in the City of Mansfield in the very near future. Discussions regarding the establishment of the precinct to provide services to the cities of Mansfield and Newborn had been on-going for a period of three to five years between Newborn’s Mayor Gregg Ellwanger and Mansfield’s Mayor Jefferson Riley.
Random Act of Kindness Initiative
Random Act photo

Sheriff Brown was interviewed by CBS News 46 on February 12, 2019.  In the interview he stated the goal of the Random Act of Kindness Initiative is to bridge the gap between law enforcement and citizens and offering a kind gesture when needed.
The program allows our deputies to meet some immediate needs of those who are hungry, homeless, shivering in the cold or other essential needs. We understand that saving the world is not within our capabilities, however; we are able to provide a hot meal and/or clothing periodically to those in need and realizing that law enforcement goes beyond the badge of locking them up and throwing away the key.

One of the citizens that had benefited from NCSO’s Random Act of Kindness Initiative thanked Sheriff Brown and his staff for assisting her family in very difficult times. She felt that the deputies’ only responsibility was to arrest people. Since her meetings with Sheriff Brown, her thought processes were changed tremendously.  She now knows that deputies provide many services to the citizens of Newton County.

In an effort to assist the Newton County Sheriff’s Office in continuing to provide assistance to families in need, the CBS46 Surprise Squad presented Sheriff Brown with a check for $2,000.00. Sheriff Brown expressed his sincere gratitude to the CBS46 Surprise Squad for their thoughtfulness and generosity for donating to this worthy cause and highlighting the great work that our deputies perform each and every day.
Active Threat Training

The Newton County Sheriff’s Office, Newton County Fire and EMS, Newton County EMA and 911 services, the Newton County Coroner’s Office, Newton County Board of Education and other local and state agencies participated in a mocked school shooting at Veterans Memorial Middle School on February 15, 2019.

This training is part of the on-going Active Threat/Active Shooter Training being provided for Public Safety and the Board of Education to be used if or when necessary.  As a result of this training, local agencies will unite and be prepared to respond. It is the belief of the Sheriff that one can never be over prepared for these type situations.
Sheriff Brown judged dancing contest
Dance1 photo

Sheriff Brown was honored to be a judge at the Dancing with the Stars of Project ReNeWal 2019 at the Porter Performing Arts Center on February 16, 2019.

Dance 2 photo
Inv. Jack Simpson interview by CBS46
Jack Simpson photo

On February 19, 2019, Investigator Jack Simpson of the Newton County Sheriff’s Office was interviewed by CBS 46 reporter Guirvir Dhindsa. Inv. Simpson was recognized as the oldest law enforcement officer in the country along with his contributions during the civil rights era.

According to Investigator Simpson, the reason he continues working is to keep in touch with peers as well as making a positive contribution to his community.  He reflected on the contributions he made to civil rights investigations during the 1950’s and 60’s while he was assigned as a special agent in the Atlanta field office of the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI).

Investigator Simpson received numerous compliments from family, co-workers and friends located throughout the United States including, Georgia, Florida and Maryland.

Investigator Simpson’s law enforcement career expands in excess of 60 years; 23 years with the FBI, 20 years with the Rockdale County Sheriff’s Office and 18 years with the Newton County Sheriff’s Office.
Sheriff Brown and Explorers attend dinner

Sheriff Brown and NCSO Explorers attended the Newton County Farm Bureau’s Legislative dinner on February 21, 2019 at the Newton County FFA Camp.

Living Legends Tribute

Sheriff Brown attended the Annual Black History Scholarship Gala “Living Legends Tributes” on February 22, 2019 where Commissioner Henderson, Ms. Josephine Brown, Ms. Cathelene Williams-Perry and Mr. Archie Shepherd were honored.

 Facebook Data Center honors Sheriff Brown

Facebook1 photo

Facebook Data Center Security Manager Lee Cochran and Security Operations Center Manager Gregg Sanders presented Sheriff Brown with a special gift to commemorate his 40 years of service in law enforcement on February 27, 2019.  He was presented with a signed helmet from on-site team workers, Facebook Security and Leadership and a commemorative coin.
Facebook2 photo
 Georgia’s Hands-Free Law

Hands1 photo

Sheriff Brown and deputies in the H.E.A.T. Unit presented a PowerPoint presentation at the NAACP meeting on February 28, 2019.  This presentation was an overview of what the Hands-Free Law is in simple terms.  The presentation covered: what drivers can and cannot do; exceptions to the Hands-Free Law; actions taken by the Newton County Sheriff’s Office prior to July 1, 2018 and penalties for violations of the law. 

Sheriff Brown and his staff of deputies responded to a plethora of questions from members of the audience who were excited after learning specifics of the Hands-Free Law.  Sheriff Brown conveyed his sincere thanks and appreciation to the audience for their attendance.
Hands2 photo
NCSO participates in Community Events

Deputies with the Newton County Sheriff’s Office Community Outreach Program participated in many activities in the schools and communities during the month of February.

  • Choosing Healthy Activities and Methods Promoting Safety (C.H.A.M.P.S.) Graduations:  Live Oak Elementary and East Newton Elementary
  • Career Day Event: South Salem Elementary
  • City Council Meetings:  Mansfield and Newborn
  • CHAMPS Classes taught at: Newton County Theme School, Fairview Elementary, Heard Mixon Elementary, Mansfield Elementary, South Salem Elementary, West Newton Elementary, Oakhill Elementary and Flint Hill Elementary
  • HOA/Neighborhood Watch Meetings:  Lochwolde Subdivision and Westminster Subdivision
Welcome To The Newton County Sheriff’s Office
  • Mr. Matthew Roberts became employed as a Deputy Sheriff on February 04, 2019.  Mr. Roberts’s goals are to protect the citizens of Newton County, to protect the employees while working @ the Newton County Sheriff’s Office and to maintain order with the inmates.  He loves baseball!
  • Ms. Chastity Norwood became employed as a Detention Officer on February 18, 2019.  She plans to keep everyone safe and she is committed to the mission of the Newton County Sheriff’s Office.  Ms. Norwood is a Falcons fan and she loves Georgia sports.
Sheriff Brown and his Staff are honored to have you a part of this Triple Crown Agency!
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