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Jail Operations Part 1
NCSO Training Room

April 3, 2017
8:00am - 5:00pm
Jail Operations Part 2
NCSO Training Room

April 4, 2017
8:00am - 5:00pm
1st Aid/CPR/AED
NCSO Training Room

April 24, 2017
8:00am - 5:00pm
  Sheriff Brown photoSomething to Talk About:

Newton County Sheriff's Office 8th Annual Employee Awards

Newton County Sheriff’s Office held its eighth annual employee awards ceremony on February 17, 2017 at the Newton College and Career Academy.

The keynote speaker for the event was Dr. Craig Lockhart, Deputy Superintendent of the Newton County School System. Sheriff Ezell Brown, Chief Jerry Carter, Terry Norris, Executive Director of the Georgia Sheriff’s Association, Layla Zon, Chief District Attorney, Linda Hayes, Clerk of Superior Court and Sheriff Tim Pounds of Douglas County were elated to honor many of the employees at the sheriff’s office.

Executive Director Terry Norris, with the Georgia Sheriff’s Association, gave closing remarks at the NCSO Awards ceremony held on February 17, 2017.
Sheriff Brown visits the Capitol

Sheriff Brown along with other Sheriffs in Georgia visited the Legislative Session at the Capitol on February 14, 2017. The purpose of the visit was to support compensation packages for law enforcement officers.
Sheriff Brown speaks to Stephen County Middle School 5th Grade Academy

Sheriff Brown was invited as a special guest of Sheriff Randy Shirley of the Stephens County Sheriff’s Office to speak at the Black History Event on February 21, 2017 in Toccoa, Georgia
Sheriff Brown introduced himself to the students and told them there were some great things and people to come out of the State of Georgia. He posed a question to the students “Can you name some of the great African American people who were born in Georgia?” Some of the famous names mentioned by the Sheriff were Jackie Robinson, Raven Symone from the show “That’s so Raven”, and of course he mentioned himself as the first African American Sheriff of Covington, Georgia.

Sheriff Brown emphasized to the students that everything in life starts with having a purpose. “A purpose means having a reason for doing something or making a change or finding a resolution.” Sheriff Brown’s purpose began with wanting to right the wrongs by becoming a police officer. Dr. King’s purpose began by wanting equal rights for all mankind.

Sheriff Brown expounded on Dr. King’s visions and purposes throughout his speech and his final points to the 5th grade students were:

  1. “You are the future, and rooted in that future is the belief and understanding that all men are created equal.
  2. You are the future that doesn’t judge people by the color of their skin but by the content of their character.
  3. You are the dream manifested and ringing true from the Stone Mountain in Georgia.”
Scholarship Gala Honoring Sheriff Brown

On February 24, 2017, the Newton County Historical Committee on Black Heritage Preservation hosted their annual Scholarship Gala where they honored Sheriff Ezell Brown as the first African American Sheriff of Newton County.

Also, Sheriff Brown was honored for the accomplishments he has made since his inception as the Sheriff of Newton County in 2009. Accomplishments include:

  • Revitalized the Neighborhood Watch Program
  • Received certification from the National Commission on Correctional Health Care (NCCHC)
  • Received National Departmental Certification
  • Accredited by the American Correctional Association (ACA)
  • Accredited by the Commission on Accreditation for Law Enforcement Agencies (CALEA)
  • Implemented a Crime Watch Program
  • Created an Internal Affairs Division
  • Created an Office of Professional Standards Division
  • Created a Community Outreach Liaison
  • Created a Drug Suppressions Unit
  • Created a Fatherhood Program
  • Cross trained Deputies as Public Information Officers (keeping the public informed)
  • Awarded over 2 million dollars in grant funds
  • Developed Crime Analysis Tracking
  • Improved the Sheriff’s Office website (User-friendly)
In acceptance of this historical award, Sheriff Brown recognized his staff for the exceptional work done in obtaining the elite credentials. Also, he reflected on his career in law enforcement emphasizing he began his career as a Patrolmen for the Covington Police Department in 1973. He stated that he made advances throughout his career which qualified him to be elected Sheriff of Newton County in 2008. The citizens of Newton County recognized Sheriff Brown’s extensive knowledge in all phases of law enforcement, his leadership abilities, and his willingness to serve and protect the citizens of Newton County.
PleasantView Baptist Church Honored Sheriff Brown

Pastor Derwin Davis, along with his congregation, presented Sheriff Brown with the “Trail Blazer Award” on February 26, 2017. Sheriff Brown was very thankful to receive this prestigious award.
Commendation to Governor Nathan Deal

I would like to commend you for your efforts in giving law enforcement officers in the State of Georgia a 20 percent increase. Most of us did not look at our compensation plans or dollar amounts when we began our careers in law enforcement because we were just eager to serve. We never thought about the retirement benefits because we thought we would remain young forever. Once establishing a family and reaching middle age, we then recognized we were closer to retirement than the beginning of our careers.

Most of us who chose to work in law enforcement would not seek other jobs because of the love for the profession. Now 40 years later, I am speaking for self, and I realize that forever young is no longer an option for me. Furthermore, 40 years from this date, I do not want a fellow brother or sister to live the same dream without adequate compensation.

Again, Governor Deal I would like to commend you because you took the initiative to increase the salaries of over 3, 000 law enforcement officers and enhance the training curriculum, so officers will be able to deal with issues they face while policing the community on a daily basis. Also, I plan to move forward with increasing employees’ compensation benefits and continue to advance our training curriculum for employees of the Newton County Sheriff’s Office.

In closing, I recall conducting an interview with Atlanta Journal-Constitution when a reporter asked the question “Why the emphasis now on compensation?” Because 40 years ago, there was a conversation and the conversation ended. Public safety professionals are the first responders, making their responsibilities high risk and I believe it is time to resume the conversation to increase compensation. Maslow’s hierarchy of needs show our first two concerns are 1.) Physiological, and 2.) Safety. Safety is a law enforcement officers’ profession.
Newton County Sheriff’s Office Explorers win 2nd place at competition - Congratulations!

The Explorers participated in the Boy Scouts of America “Winterfest” competition in Gatlinburg Tennessee on February 11, 2017. The Explorers were awarded second place for exceeding specific objectives related to the felony traffic stop scenarios.

Deputy Superintendent Craig Lockhart receives a special appreication award from Sheriff Brown during the NCSO Awards ceremony held on February 17, 2017. Mr. Lockhart was the guest speaker at the ceremony.

Newton County High School Chorus sang the National Anthem during the NCSO Awards ceremony held on February 17, 2017.

The Purple Heart Award was given to a deputy who has been killed in the line of duty. Justin White was posthumously promoted to Investigator, and is the recipient of the Purple Heart Award.
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