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Firearms Training Schedule for February
& March 2020:

De-escalation, Community Policing,
Use of Deadly Force and All Issued Weapons Qualification

All Mandated Deputies shall attend an all day training on one of the following dates: February 17-18 -19-20-21-24-25-26-27-28, 2020. March 2-3-4-5-6, 2020.         

Court Security Personnel:
February 29, 2020.

Begins at 0800 hours
Newton Sheriff Range

  Sheriff Brown photoSomething to Talk About:

Each year, the Newton County Sheriff’s Office create goals and objectives for the agency. Listed below are the agency’s accomplishments for 2019:

  • Focused on Agency development through continued Commander’s Strategic Planning and Leadership training
  • Hosted the third Inter-Agency Law Enforcement Leadership Conference
  • Grand Opening of the Westside Precinct Annex
  • Implemented New Pay Rate Classification Plan to include career paths and merit increases for all County employees
  • Provided 29,810 training hours for employees in various subject matters
  • Successfully managed over 500 inmates daily
  • Unveiled the New Tex84 Intercept Body Scanner in the Detention Center

Newton County Sheriff’s Guardian Angel Program

Toy Giveaway photo

The Sheriff’s Guardian Angels program is an initiative of Sheriff Ezell Brown and the Newton County Sheriff’s Office, where deputies, in addition to performing their normal duties as public servants, also serve as respectable and caring citizens.

Sheriff Brown understands that being a good and caring citizen means possessing compassion and empathy; being concerned, caring for people; those known and unknown; helping those who may need assistance.

Each year, deputies assigned to the Sheriff’s Guardian Angels program assist families throughout Newton County on Christmas day with clothing and toys for their children, as well as other items of necessity.

Through donated funds collected for Deputies Who Care, and the Annual Toy Ride, the program was successful in servicing approximately 1,412 children this past holiday season. Assistance was provided to the following:

* 120 children lodged in the Rockdale County Youth Detention Center
* 992 individuals residing throughout Newton County
* 300 children, with parents incarcerated in the Newton County Sheriff’s Office Detention Center.
Newton County Christmas Parade
Christmas parade photo

On Saturday, December 7, 2019, Newton County Sheriff, Ezell Brown, members of his Staff and their respective family members participated in the Lion’s Club Annual Christmas Parade, which took place in the heart of downtown Covington, Georgia. Citizens and visitors, along with their children lined the streets in order to view the beautifully decorated floats and vehicles that were a part of the holiday parade. The Newton County Sheriff’s Office designed and subsequently exhibited an awesome float in the style of a gingerbread house. Those who participated on the float, as well as parade attendees were tremendously excited about taking part in the festivities.

New NCSO Deputies Graduate from Mandate School
Academy graduation photo

On Friday, December 13, 2019, the following new NCSO deputies graduated from the GPSTC-Police Academy Mandate School in Athens, Georgia:  Ms. Odalis Alberto and Mr. Delarian Walls.

Sheriff Ezell Brown, Captain Sammy Banks, Lieutenant Paul Gunter and other staff members attended the graduation that was held at the Classic Center. Sheriff Brown administered the Oath of Office to the deputies upon their return to the Sheriff’s Office headquarters.
NCSO Acts of Kindness: Deputy Hicks
Deputy Hicks photo

On December 14, 2019, Deputy Joshua Hicks was dispatched to 15524 Highway to Potts Gas Station to assist an elderly lady who was lost.  Upon his arrival on the scene, deputy observed a very distraught elderly lady who was attempting to get to Highway 81.  After speaking with the lady, Deputy Hicks realized she was looking for Highway 81, with the address of 2909 Olive Street in Anderson, South Carolina.
Deputy Hicks obtained the lady’s name, Ms. Caroline and he reassured her everything would be okay. He asked Ms. Caroline for her I.D. and ran her information to determine if she was missing.  The results identified her as Caroline Rampy.

Ms. Caroline told Deputy Hicks she had attended a service earlier in the day for her late husband in South Carolina and after leaving the service she attempted to go home. She also stated that she made a few wrong turns and continued to follow the road signs to Highway 81.

Deputy Hicks continued to question Ms. Caroline to obtain contact information for her relatives in South Carolina. However, she was so upset until she did not remember anyone’s telephone number.  Deputy Hicks asked Ms. Caroline to sit in his car and he began researching the network to obtain information on her brother, Frank. He called out several addresses to Ms. Caroline and she finally identified her brother’s address.  Deputy Hicks located Frank’s address and telephone number.

Deputy Hicks was unsuccessful in contacting Frank, therefore he utilized all of his skills and decided to utilize the network to obtain telephone numbers for some of Ms. Caroline’s neighbors.  He spoke with one of her neighbors and enlightened him on what was going on with Ms. Caroline.  The neighbor could not assist Deputy Hick’s with Ms. Caroline’s unfortunate situation.  Therefore, he continued to call Mr. Frank.

Because the hour was late and Deputy Hicks was not able to get anyone to pick up Ms. Caroline, he decided to contact his wife and inform her of the situation.  They decided to let her spend the night at their home where she was welcomed by Mrs. Hicks and their children with open arms.

The following morning after breakfast, Deputy Hicks carried Ms. Caroline back to the Potts Gas Station to meet her family.  Ms. Caroline’s family was happy to see her!

Deputy Hicks went beyond the call of duty to assist an out-of-state citizen in serious distress.  Sheriff Brown stated to Deputy Hicks, “It is commendable to learn of the compassion, understanding and generosity exhibited by you and your wonderful family during a time of crisis for this visitor to our county and state”.

Corporal Kenneth Kent, Deputy Joseph McClarin and Deputy Shamira Threat

On December 24th, the Newton County Sheriff’s Office received a call for a citizen assist at the Chevron gas station located at Highway 11 and Highway 142.  Cpl. Kent and Deputy McClarin responded to the scene and found an elderly female who appeared to be confused about her current location.  After speaking with the female, Cpl. Kent and Deputy McClarin surmised that the lady thought she was on a highway in Newnan, Georgia.  They attempted to locate her family.  However, they were unsuccessful.  There were two concerned citizens on the scene that were willing to carry the female back to Newnan.  Cpl. Kent was pleased to know that they were willing to assist but he thought it was their responsibility to assist the female so he called Sheriff Brown.

Sheriff Brown advised Cpl. Kent to contact a local towing company to determine if they would tow the female’s car to the Newton County Sheriff’s Office and he could get a female deputy to take the lady home. King’s Towing Company responded to the request and they towed the car to NCSO and Deputy Threat escorted the female back to Newnan, Georgia on Christmas Eve.
Third Annual Newton County Service Awards Ceremony

The Newton County Board of Commissioners hosted the 3rd Annual Service Awards Ceremony on December 11, 2019 at the Historic Courthouse Boardroom.

The employees listed below were presented awards for 5, 10, 15, 25, and 30 years of service.

5 year group photo


  • Eric Almond, William Ballard, James Bell, Ethel Blackmon, Robert Booker, Allie Broderick, Taylor Chapman, Cornisha Cody, Benjamin Couch, Kristina Curbelo, Favel Edwards, Damion Fray, Jeffrey Key, Kelli LeClair, Freddie Major, Jesse Martin, Terria Maxwell, Andrew Miller, James Morris, Jordan Myers, Earl Nesbit, Asia Palmer, Raymond Pearce, Richard Scroggs, David Singleton, Heidi Stewart, Kendrick Williams, Larissa Wright
10 year group photo


  • Lisa Brown, Keith Brown, Shelia Cornelius, Thomas Davis, Patricia Fitts, Kimberly Howard, Judy Johnson, Donald Jones, Justin McCord, Fate Reed, Sherri Roberts, Nancy Schulz, Latavia Turner-Washington
15 year group photo


  • Dominique Fitzgerald, Steven Frazier, Robert Gordon, Tamara Henderson, George Jefferson, Karen Key, Loretta Lynch, Billy McCullough, Cortney Morrison, Laura Riley, Joey Salers, Brice Smith, Virginia Stabile, Martin Stanley
20 year group photo


  • Stephenie Coleman, Michael Crumblis, Dana Darby, James Fountain, Cori Freeman, David Gilbert, Dedrick Grier, Jason Johnson, Corneil Jordan, Pamela Maxwell, Mark Polite, Jack Simpson, Thomas Stevens, Sharron Stewart, Matthew Taylor
30 year group photo


  • Jeffrey Alexander
Christmas Gifts to NCSO

The Newton County Sheriff’s Office was presented with gift cards for all of its employees complimentary of the Stephanie Lindsey law firm.

A special thanks is extended to Attorney Stephanie Lindsey for her kindness and generosity to Sheriff Brown and the employees of the Newton County Sheriff’s Office.
NCSO participates in Community Events

Sheriff Brown and Deputies with the Newton County Sheriff’s Office Community Outreach Program participated the following events during the month of December:

  • Choosing Healthy Activities and Methods Promoting Safety (C.H.A.M.P.S.) Graduations: South Salem Elementary, Rocky Plains Elementary, Heard Mixon Elementary
  • Career Day Event: Clements Middle School
  • City Council Meetings: Mansfield and Newborn
  • HOA/Neighborhood Watch Meetings: Ellington Subdivision, Underwood Subdivision
Activities/Events:  Christmas Parade, Highgate Board of Directors, Washington Street Grandmothers Christmas Luncheon, Christmas Toy Give-a-way
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