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Toy Ride 2019
November 16, 2019
0900 - until
Church at Covington

  Sheriff Brown photoSomething to Talk About:

As a vital component of the “One Newton” Vision, I am extremely delighted to partner with Chairman Banes and other Newton County Government Elected Officials, Newton County Government Appointed Leaders, Newton County Government Department Heads, Newton County Constitutional Officers, as well as Community Representatives, in an effort to formulate a systematic Strategic Plan for Newton County. This strategic plan affords our citizens a tremendous opportunity to examine how government works along with Constitutional Officers. The Newton County Sheriff’s Office has always maintained a three to five-year strategic plan that includes agency long and short-term goals and objectives.

The Georgia Constitution of 1983, Article IX, Section 1, Paragraph III (a)-(b) designates the sheriff as a “county officer,” the corresponding paragraph grants the state legislature the exclusive authority to establish and control a sheriff’s powers, duties, qualifications, and minimum salary. In interpreting this constitutional provision, the Supreme Court of Georgia has stated, “the sheriff is an elected, constitutional officer; he is subject to the charge of the General Assembly and not an employee of the county commission.”

The duties of the Office of the Sheriff are enumerated in O.C.G.A. § 15-16-10, which are primarily law enforcement, the courts and the jail.  There is an excess of fifty (50) duties and responsibilities outlined in the statute for the Office of Sheriff to include the following:

  • To execute and return the processes and orders of the courts;
  • To attend, by himself or his deputy, upon sessions of the superior court of the county and also upon sessions of the probate court whenever required, and while the courts are in session, never to leave the same without the presence of himself or his deputy, or both, if required;
  • To attend at the place or places of holding an election at the county site, on the day of an election, from the opening to the closing of the polls;
  • Receive, maintain, and make available a register of all known sex offenders as prescribed by law.
  • Maintain a record of all persons committed to the jail.
  • Receive, transport, and maintain custody of incarcerated individuals for court.
  • Serve as constable to the magistrate court in certain counties.
  • Maintain custody of jurors when deemed necessary by the court.
  • Perform criminal background check for applicants for employment at nursing homes.
  • Keep all courthouses, jails, public grounds and other county property preserving them from inquiry or waste and preventing intrusions on them.

As a Co-Champion and a Constitutional Officer, I have pledged to:

  • Attend open forums
  • Ensure Command staff and deputies attend training offered by the Georgia Sheriff’s Association, the Constitutional Officers Association of Georgia, and other State and Federal Training Institutions to enhance the professional development of deputies and staff in compliance with Georgia law.
  • Continue to provide training for children in schools regarding the dangers of illicit drugs, alcohol abuse, bullying as well as the benefits of good decision-making.
  • Collaborate with other departments within Newton County to ensure the continued safety of parks, trails and other county facilities for stakeholders.
  • Institute a novel program for all children of Newton County that will discourage participation with illegal gangs.
  • Inaugurate an innovative driver’s education curriculum for new and/or inexperienced motorists.

Work in concert with Trail Network planners in an effort to ensure the complete safety of those individuals who utilize the trail network.

Provide community workers in informing the general public of the availability of mental health services.
Sheriff Brown and Deputy Simpson Attend Birthday Celebration
Shelnutt photo

Sheriff Ezell Brown and Deputy Jack Simpson attended the 104th Birthday Celebration of World War II veteran, Mr. Wayne Shelnutt on August 6, 2019. This delightful celebration was held at the “Just A Hair Better” barbershop, located at 2167 Pace Street in the city of Covington, Georgia. Mr. Shelnutt was serving aboard the USS California at Pearl Harbor on December 7, 1941, when a bomb was released and exploded on Ford Island.

The HIRE (Helping Inmates Regain Entry) Program

The Newton County Sheriff’s Office, in collaboration with Georgia Piedmont Technical College, the Northeast Georgia Regional Commission, Action, Inc., and Partnering Industries (Old Castle, Clarion Metals, and Beaver Manufacturing), held the first Commencement exercise for graduates of the first “Ready Work Manufacturing-Focused Training Program.” The graduation was held at the Newton County Law Enforcement Center on Friday, August 2, 2019. This six-week training program, commenced June 17th through July 31st 2019 and included the following subjects: CPR/First Aid, OSHA10, soft-skills exercises (attitude, body language, communications, workplace dress, interview, electrical, mechanical and welding skills, and forklift certification). The graduates were, Mr. Michael Franklin, Mr. Richard Matthews, II, Mr. Cory Stroud and Mr. Robert Dyche.

The Keynote speaker for this magnificent occasion was Dr. Tavarez Holston, President of Georgia Piedmont Technical College, who delivered an awe-inspiring message of encouragement to the graduates. In his remarks, he informed them, saying, “You cannot walk forward while looking backward. You have to believe that you achieve something this great when you start a program of this magnitude, and when you finish, it speaks to your character.” Dr. Holston also stated, “When other people see you start something that’s meaningful and life-changing, you inspire them.”

Following Dr. Holston’s commencement address, Sheriff Ezell Brown provided the Mission of the “HIRE” program. In addition, he offered very stimulating and invigorating remarks. Sheriff Brown stated, “As I have said on many occasions, throughout my many years in the law enforcement profession, I have learned that we cannot just lock everyone up and throw away the key, we have to start programs that will redirect individuals, like these graduates here today, and put them back in the community.” He specifically advised the graduates, “where we have failed for so long is, we have placed you back in communities without any hope; however, now we have begun giving you hope, as well as many others who have graduated from the various programs the Sheriff’s Office offers”. Finally, Sheriff Brown stated “always see before you define, instead of define before you see”.

Each graduate was given time to reflect and share their thoughts and experiences in the “Hire” program. They expressed their sincere thanks and appreciation to the program managers, coordinators and instructors for their patience, guidance and assistance.

Mr. Jim Daugherty of Action, Inc., Mr. Bryan Sexton of Georgia Piedmont Technical College and Dr. Clark Irving, also of Georgia Piedmont Technical College, provided comments regarding the graduates’ eagerness to learn and successfully excel throughout the program.

The graduates were later awarded certificates of completion of the program from Georgia Piedmont Technical College, along with gift bags, as tokens of appreciation; compliments of the Newton County Sheriff’s Office.
Sheriff Brown Attend American Red Cross Meeting

On Monday, August 16, 2019, Sheriff Brown attended an American Red Cross breakfast meeting at Chic-Fil-A, Hwy 278 in Covington, Ga. The American Red Cross was very excited regarding the great opportunity to partner with the Newton County Sheriff’s Office, as well as other agencies.

NCSO participates in Community Events

Deputies with the Newton County Sheriff’s Office Community Outreach Program participated in numerous school activities and community events during the month of August. These activities and events included:

  • City Council Meeting: The City of Mansfield
  • CHAMPS Classes taught at:  Fairview Elementary, Flint Hill Elementary, Theme School, Oak Hill Elementary
  • Activities: West Newton Block Party, Community Conversation Forum-Turner Lake
Welcome To The Newton County Sheriff’s Office
  • Ms. Khaila Coissiere was hired as a Deputy Sheriff on August 5, 2019. She has 1 year of experience in Corrections and she loves to bake and travel.
  • Mr. John Smith was hired as a Deputy Sheriff on August 5, 2019. He has 12 years of experience with corrections.  Mr. Smith has a keen interest in foreign affairs and politics.
  • Mr. Cedric Taylor was hired as a Deputy Sheriff on August 5, 2019.  He has 2 years of experience as a Detention Officer and he likes to ride dirt bikes.
Sheriff Brown and his Staff are honored to have you a part of this Triple Crown Agency!
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